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1 x Micro USB OTG Tablet Note Cable
Colour Black
17cm length

This USB Host adapter cable allows you to connect a USB memory stick, a USB memory card reader or a keyboard or mouse to your tablet Note etc as listed below or used as a usb charger in some cases

* No computer needed, back up of videos and photos to an external usb memory stick.

Compatible with: micro usb
1. Your tablet must be running Windows 8 (Not Windows RT)
2. Your tablet must have a micro USB port.
Sony Tablet S 16GB (SGPT111)
Sony Tablet S 32GB (SGPT112)
Sony Tablet S 16GB with 3G (SGPT113 & SGPT114)
Nokia N810 Internet Tablet
Asus Google Nexus Tablet 7"
Iconia A1-810 A1-830
Iconia A3-A10
Iconia Tab A700
Iconia Tab A701
Iconia Tab A510
Iconia B1-710
Iconia B1-720
Iconia B1-A71
Iconia B1,
Iconia W4-820
Iconia W3
Iconia W4
Iconia W5
Aspire Switch 10
iconia ONE 7
iconia TAB 7 (A1-713)
iconia TAB A110
iconia TAB A200
iconia TAB A210
iconia TAB A700
iconia W3-810
iconia W4-820
iconia W510
iconia W700
Kindle fire HD
RIM Playbook
Barnes and Noble Nook
HP Touchpad
Toshiba TG-01
Samsung ATIV Tab 3
ASUS Vivo Tab Smart

Dell Venue 11 Pro
Dell Latitude 10
Dell Venue 7 (2014)
Dell Venue 8 (2014)
Dell XPS 10 Tablet
Lenovo IdeaTab Miix2 8"
Lenovo IdeaTab Miix 10.1"
Lenovo ThinkPad 1838
Lenovo ThinkPad 1839
A10-70 Tablet
A7-30 Tablet
A8-50 Tablet
Idea Tablet S2109
IdeaPad Miix 10
IdeaTab A1000
IdeaTab A2107
IdeaTab A2109
IdeaTab A2207
IdeaTab A3000
IdeaTab Lynx K3011
Ideatab S2110
IdeaTab S6000
Miix 2 (10-inch)
Miix 2 (8-inch)
Tab A7-40
Tab A7-50
ThinkPad 10
ThinkPad 8
Yoga Tablet 10 (B8000)
Yoga Tablet 10 HD+
Yoga Tablet 8 (B6000)

* Micro B male to USB A female
* Compatible with USB 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 OTG/HOST
* length: 17cm
* third party product

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