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1 x Micro usb cable with extra long pin end 7mm / 8mm

Great for thick cases/covers, where a normal micro usb cable isnt long enough

7mm 8mm Extra Long Tip USB 2.0 Micro-USB Male to USB A Male Cable
Connector 1: Micro-USB Male (8 mm long tip) XL
Connector 2: Standard USB A Male
[Black .90cm]


Google N7
Nexus 7
Droid RAZR
HTC U250
Nook 1st edition, Nook Color

Samsung S6 G920 SM-G920
Samsung S6 Edge G925 SM-G925
Samsung S6 Edge Plus G928 SM-G928
Samsung S6 S4 S3 S2 S SIII SII
Samsung S4 Mini, S3 Mini
Samsung i8160 Ace 2
Samsung i8190 S3 Mini
Samsung i8190T S3 Mini i8190N
Samsung i8262 Core
Samsung i9152 Mega 5.8
Samsung i9195 S4 mini lte
Samsung i9500 i9502 S4
Samsung i9505 i9506 i9507 S4
Samsung S7275 Ace 3
Samsung S7390 Trend Lite
Samsung S7392 Trend
Samsung S7500 Ace Plus
Samsung S7562 S Duos
Samsung S7572 Trend II Duos
Samsung S7582 S Duos 2
Samsung S7710 Xcover2
Samsung SM-G130 Young 2 Duos
Samsung SM-G310HN SM-G310 Galaxy Ace Style
Samsung SM-G313 Galaxy Ace 4 LTE
Samsung SM-G313HZ Galaxy Ace NXT
Samsung SM-G313 Ace 4 Lite / Trend 2 / V
Samsung SM-G316HU SM-G313HU Galaxy S Duos 3
Samsung SM-G318 Galaxy Ace 4 Neo
Samsung SM-G318 Trend 2 Lite
Samsung SM-G350 Star Advance
Samsung SM-G355 Core 2
Samsung SM-G357 Ace Style Lite
Samsung SM-G357F SM-G357 Galaxy Ace 4
Samsung SM-G360 Core Prime g360
Samsung SM-G360 Prevail Lite
Samsung SM-G386F Core
Samsung SM-G386 Avant
Samsung SM-G388 Xcover3
Samsung SM-G390 Xcover4
Samsung SM-G530 Grand Prime g530
Samsung SM-G600 On7
Samsung SM-G610 J7 Prime / On Nxt
Samsung SM-G710 Grand 2
Samsung SM-G720 Grand Max
Samsung SM-G730 S3 Mini
Blackview BV6000

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