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Older Alcatel Batteries RARE
100% Brand New
CE approved
Grade A Cells

You are bidding on ONE battery, please let me know the model you want when you send your address through

Ni-MH - Voltage: 3.6V - Capacity: 600mAh
OT Easy, OTE, 3DS02280AAAA

Ni-MH - Voltage: 3.6V - Capacity: 600mAh
OT DB, Easy DB, Club DB, Max DB, View DB,
OT Club DB, OT Easy DB, OT Gum, OT Max,
BE1, 3DS04496AAAA

Li-ion - Voltage: 3.7V - Capacity: 600mAh
331, OT 331, OT331, 332, OT332, OT 332, BG3
510, OT510, OT 510, 511, OT511, OT 511,
512, OT512, OT 512, 525, OT525, OT 525,
526, OT526, OT 526, BF4 BG3
(check depth = 7mm and two notches on sides)

**Alcatel phone models below
for REFERENCE ONLY, not 4 sale

TH4: Alcatel OT756
BH4: Alcatel OT535
BH4: Alcatel OT735
XG1: Alcatel OT320
BG3: Alcatel OT525
BG3: Alcatel OT526
BG3: Alcatel OT331
BG3: Alcatel OT332
BF5: Alcatel OT715
BF3: Alcatel OT311/OT310
BF4: Alcatel OT511/OT512
BE1: Alcatel OT Max, Alcatel OT Club, Alcatel OT Easy, Alcatel OT Gum
BE3: Alcatel OT View, Alcatel OT View W@P
BE4: Alcatel OT 30x
BE5: Alcatel OT 50x, Alcatel OT 70x

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