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Samsung Pay

Quick and simple

All it takes is 3 simple steps to pay with Samsung Pay.

Swipe Up

Swipe up

to launch Samsung Pay

How to use Samsung Pay - Step 2


with your fingerprint or PIN

How to use Samsung Pay - Step 3Tap


with your phone

The next level of security

Pay without a worry with 3 levels of security.


Authenticate your payments by simply scanning your fingertips or entering your Samsung Pay PIN.

Secure Payment with Samsung Pay


Digital Tokenization

Now there’s no need to share your card information anymore. All transactions use a random token instead your card numbers while paying so that your details remain absolutely safe.

Secure Payment with Samsung Knox Feature


Samsung KNOX

Your phone is in safe hands even in severe situations. The SAMSUNG KNOX constantly monitors your phone for any harmful exposure. Even if the phone is compromised ever, the card information is still safely encrypted within a separate and secure data vault.

*Wherever. Whenever.

Buy your movie tickets or go shopping without carrying your card around. Samsung Pay works everywhere you can swipe or tap your card.

MST Payment option


Magnetic Secure Transmission

MST is Samsung's patented technology. Through MST, merchants can accept payments on regular card machines which makes Samsung Pay the most widely accepted mobile payment service.

NFC Payment option


Near Field Communication

Now make payments with convenience at any NFC enabled payment terminals.


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